PhaseOne Decimates Crowds With His Breathtaking Sound Waves This Australian bass music guru leaves his fans in a trance with his metal-infused dubstep.

In the realm of music, a phase is a compositional technique in which the same part (a repetitive phrase) is played on two musical instruments, in steady but not identical […]

Caspa Makes His Eager Return to Philly for a New 3D-Experience The filth-summoning ghost is set to spook Philadelphia for the second time.

At the epitome of show and festival season, his name can be heard in whispers sending chills down the spine of any eager bass-loving mind. Some of his most famous […]

A Menacing Duo Is Conquering the ‘Riddim’ Scene: Al Ross & YAKZ These guys come with no shortage of nasty dubstep and will chop and drop your world to smitherines!

Luke and Obi Wan. Bilbo and Gandalf. Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee. Robin and Batman. The one thing these names all have in common is they are all renowned student […]

Interview: Mantis is Set to Swiftly Conquer the Heavy Bass Music Scene This bass music duo armed with a heavy metal background are on track to slay souls with their upcoming EP.

Feature Photo by Zack Bruzgo, Panda Media It is always good luck to find a praying Mantis. The praying Mantis is agile, nimble and quick, like a ninja, making it […]

Codd Dubz is Making Waves with His Brutal, Sewery Dubstep This Long Island riddim phenom is just starting to make his imprint on the scene with signature chops and double drops.

Feature photo by Zack Bruzgo, Panda Media “From the darkness of his basement in Long Island comes a young bass driven machine by the name of Codd Dubz. Like many […]