ProDuxer Produces Madness with “Kira” "Insert sinister laugh here.*

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Born from the sounds of heavy basslines and a mix of skanky riddim and filthy trap, ProDuxer is quietly making his way through the ranks of the bass world. As a new comer to the scene he has released a handful of solidly mixed and mastered tracks any dubstep fan will love. One of his first releases, “Kaneda & Tetsuo” has sub bass that will send shocks all throughout your body. His song “R.I.D.D.I.M” makes you bob your head so much it’ll make you wake up needing a neck brace.

So it was just as fitting with his latest release through Last Life, the sub-label of NoDegreeCollective that he really blew it out of the water with fantastic synths and flow. Entitled “Kira” this track sends chills down your spine as it makes you reminds you of the haunting movie from which it was inspired – Death Note. Make no mistake Kira will leave not only leave your ears wanting more, but it will slice your mind to pieces with its filthiness. A villain of a song (no pun intended), “Kira” is bound to propel ProDuxer to the top of everyone’s list. Welcome to the music of this up-and-coming… it will surely be deadly.

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