Yung Gravy is the Funniest Rapper You’ve Never Heard


SoundCloud star Yung Gravy, a.k.a Lil Steamer, a.k.a Mr. Butter/Mr. Clean is this new generation of rap’s next superstar—or at least I hope so. This dude is absolutely hysterical, consistently delivering some of the funniest bars I have ever heard on every track. Just to provide a few examples:

“Yung Gravity, I pull yo bitch, I got all these hoes revolving ’round my dick.”

“Outer space trappin’ I was born on Venus, all these women dog-piling on my wooahhh.”

“She think I’m real charming, Gravy gon’ get up in that ass like Charmin.”


But I don’t love this dude simply for his whimsical delivery and lyrics, the beats he raps over are innovative and outstanding. Some of his favorite producers always lacing Gravy with the heat are Candler, Rich Beatz, Engelwood and Jay Storm.

I’ll post some of my favorite smashes from the Don, Yung Gravy below. But be sure to check out his whole SoundCloud catalog here

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