Watch Tank and the Bangas’ Vibrant Tiny Desk Concert


“We invite you on the crazy roller-coaster that is Tank and the Bangas of sound and rhythm and love and light, expression and things that make you feel whole.”

You know, everyone has different passions and loves in their life. Every now and again we’ll have a moment, a memory, an experience that reaffirms or reminds us why we feel a certain type of way about these things we love. Seeing this Tiny Desk performance by Tank and the Bangas was one of those magical reminders for me that music makes me feel like I can fly. Watching this superbly talented group had me floating on a cloud of blissful harmony and vivacious rhythm.

Straight out of New Orleans, The Bangas combine musical elements of jazz, hip-hop, funk and soul while Jelly and Tank hit you with harmonious spoken-word poetry, singing and lyrical brilliance. Their vocal chemistry is so unique, diverse and passionate, feeding off each others’ energy and finishing one another’s sentences like they’re communicating telepathically. The band will have you dancing feverishly with vibrant, upbeat jazz rhythms but will seamlessly transition into a laid-back, ride the wave groove.

If you asked me to give you one word that sums up this performance, I would say “magic.” I can’t wait to see the magic in person when they bless the stage of World Cafe Live in Philly on July 11. Who’s coming with me? Tickets are available here.

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