Bishop Briggs Turns Union Transfer Into a Fiesta on Cinco de Mayo

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Shaed and Bishop Briggs left Philly with a Cinco de Mayo to remember.

Shaed is an up and coming band that consists of powerhouse vocals from Chelsea Lee and music production from twin brothers Spencer Ernst and Max Ernst. While Shaed is still not widely known, everyone in the audience watching their performance will not be forgetting the name Shaed from here on out. The highlights from their performance were the songs, “Perfume”, “Name On It”, and “Running Through the Fields”. The crowd was evidently engaged in these songs way more than the rest of the set as they clapped, swayed, and sang along to the chorus. Shaed is playing Firefly Festival this summer and they should definitely be on your must see list.

Another female powerhouse vocalist who wrecked Union Transfer is none other than Bishop Briggs. Her rise to stardom came with the explosion of her song “River” finding spots in popular Spotify playlists and on alternative radio stations across the nation.

But before Bishop gained a following, during the show she mentioned a Philly fan who messaged her on twitter saying, “I will kill you if you do not come to Philly.” From then on she realized how devoted Philadelphian fans are, which truly showed this weekend.

The 24-year-old found herself in awe throughout the show as dedicated fans twirled around Union Transfer without missing a single lyric during the whole set list.  The energy continued on well after the set when Bishop came out for the encore.  She ended the night on a high note as the room shook when her single “River” started playing.

Her humble attitude throughout the whole night was a breath of fresh air that will drive her success even further. Check out the gallery from the night below.




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