PWR BTTM Releases New Song “Answer My Text”

Punk, Rock

Anticipating queer punk band PWR BTTM’s next album Pageant, the duo released a second single entitled “Answer My Text”. At their show at Philamoca a few weeks ago, Liv Bruce explained this song goes out to all of the boys who didn’t answer their texts.

The humorous song hits home to everyone dealing with a flakey guy (or girl). Every aspect of the lyrics are something we have all been through at some point. From, “I sweat out seven pounds in water weight just asking for your number,” to “Tell me that you’re coming over I’ll clean up my room real quick,” and finally, Bruce bluntly saying what everyone else is thinking, “Answer my text you dick!”, we have all been through this at some point. This song is the next break up anthem in the virtual romance era that we live in today.

Check out the lyric video below and grab tickets to their show at Union Transfer on June 17th.

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