Foxygen Brings an Unexpected Performance to Union Transfer

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Foxygen took over one of Philly’s best venues, Union Transfer, for a popping Sunday night full of entertainment. Even though the crowd spent the night trying to explain to lead vocalist Sam France that Union Transfer was in fact not a church, he still gushed over the venue’s beauty.

Before Sam France and the rest of Foxygen graced the stage, Gabriella Cohen brought some rock ‘n’ roll to the stage for a bit. If you looked up the opening act before the show, the full band performance was unexpected compared to her usual electropop. The execution was received greatly, though, the band vibed off of each other and jammed for most of the set.

Gabriella Cohen’s distinct voice felt like an old soul as she sang about the issues every twenty-something-year-old faces. She was very smiley and a bit awkward at times, but her performance was undeniably perfect.

Before I go into Foxygen’s performance, I want to disclaim that prior to attending the show, I had pretty low expectations. With one google search, there are more hits bashing Foxygen’s live performance than applauding their talents. One YouTube search and you think your fears are right. Ultimately after seeing Foxygen live, I can confidently say that all of those opinions are garbage. Foxygen puts on an unforgettable show.

Sam France is indubitable an entertainer on top of having incredible music talents. He started the night off with a grand entrance, a dance, and yelling into the microphone. The crowd went wild for France, yelling his name during every empty second.

The set started off strong, playing their most popular song “San Francisco” followed by another fan favorite “Shruggie”. The set list started to die down when they began playing songs from their most recent album Hang. The recent LP has not received the best reaction from listeners since the release this year. However, Foxygen attempted to spice it up in their new LP adding a full band, which they brought along in a trumpet and saxophone player for this tour.

The new album sounded enjoyable live, but with little to no engagement from the crowd, it was getting quite boring. Sam France even looked bored on stage. During one song he was staring at his nails the same way I do when I’m bored in a lecture. What kept the show going was the entertainment that France and the other members brought along. They had choreographed dances and multiple outfit changes.Upon the encore, the show really hit its stride. The band ran on stage singing “On Blue Mountain” and the crowd began a jumping pit. The bobbing heads turned into dancing around and a mini mosh pit. France got down on the crowds level and reached out grabbing a dozen hands. The screams became louder, the singing pursued, and the dancing waved across the whole room. The last 4 encore songs were a great way to end the night on a high note. Overall the show was a lot of fun and I would suggest catching Foxygen the next time they’re in town!

Check out the gallery from the night below.

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