FKJ Releases Self-Titled Debut Album ‘French Kiwi Juice’

EDM, Hip-Hop/Rap

My fellow Musies, your weekend groove has arrived in the form of French electronic artist, FKJ (French Kiwi Juice). The multi-talented producer dabbles in several instruments including bass, guitar, saxophone, piano and more, the sounds of which are reflected in his genre-blending debut effort. Fusing elements of hip-hop, funk and soul to create what might ultimately be classified as a sort of futuristic-jazz.

Just press play on the magic and what I’m writing will make a little more sense. When I woke up this morning it was a gloomy day here in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I swear to you the second the sound of the intro “We Ain’t Feeling Time” filled the air, the clouds cleared, the birds started chirping, I’m now dancing and it’s 70 and sunny. Am I lying? I guess you’ll have to press play yourself and see what happens.

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