Tchami’s Prophecy Tour is Set to Rattle a Sold-Out Trocadero this Thursday

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French house music producer/DJ Tchami is no stranger to the Philadelphia community. His music constantly reverberates through the headphones and speakers of electronic music lovers throughout the city, and he has already brought his proverbial “Church” to South Street’s TLA a little over a year ago. Now the Prince of modern house music returns to Philly for a sold-out performance this Thursday at the Trocadero in Chinatown (you can grab yours on StubHub for a reasonable price here).

Several years ago, EDM was swelled with dubstep, trap, and other incendiary genres of electronic music. Festival bills and local venues were putting up face-melting artists to rock their gigs, but there was a demographic of listeners that felt marginalized. I can even say I was a part of that group. These are the people who were searching for solace in EDM, but were not discovering it in wubs or bass. Enter Tchami…

House music is the very base that EDM holds up its countless genres upon. Godfathers like Grandmaster Flash and Giorgio Moroder have always paved the way for branches to grow off of their roots, but Tchami decided to take a different route. Reverting back to a simpler style, Tchami has captivated fans with a contemporary approach to the bassline high-hat relationship. Using modulated voices to assist in remixes like the one above and producing vibrating basslines that can appeal to any EDM listener, Tchami has successfully become a pioneer of the future house genre that has taken flight with other artists like Oliver Heldens and Vicetone.

Songs like “After-Life” and “Missing You” could have defined a career for most musicians, but Tchami didn’t stop there. He also runs his own label and collective called Confession. This record label features many other French artists including opener for the Philly show, Mercer, as well as the mysterious Malaa and break-out star of 2017 Dombresky.

If the music isn’t enough for you, the stage set-up will surely be. Tchami is bringing his tuned up “Church” structure complete with dazzling LEDs that align perfectly with the vibe this man brings along.

We’ll see you there.



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