Support Hometown Heros Foxtrot and the Get Down’s Debut Album ‘Roots Too Deep’


The Philadelphia-based band Foxtrot and the Get Down captivates a unique sound in their debut LP, Roots Too Deep. Foxtrot and the Get Down previously released a few tracks from this album on their EP Black Coffee, so the LP isn’t totally unfamiliar. Tracks and videos for Roots Too Deep have been coming out since the summer, giving us a taste of what has finally come. Foxtrot and the Get Down released the long awaited full-length album, Roots Too Deep.

Roots Too Deep is the epitome of hometown love wrapped in their blues, rock, americana music. The feel-good album is something you would listen to driving around on a warm sunny day. Colin Bundy’s gravely vocals are graciously complimented by Erica Ruiz’s soulful backing throughout the whole album. Accompanied by the duo’s vocals are rhythmic instruments that make the songs feel whole.

The diverse album ranges from rock songs heavy on guitar and drums, to americana blues songs with Bundy on the harmonica and Ruiz rocking on the shaker. The album also includes slower sentimental songs that cut back on the instrumentation and let the beautiful vocals of Bundy and Ruiz take the lead, most notably, “Old Photographs”.

The album takes you into Foxtrot and the Get Down’s personal lives as they tell intimate stories through their music. Some of the stories are so specific such as, “Just A Kid”, about the music industry taking away the passion in music. While this may seem almost unrelatable, the songwriting is done in a masterly way, that the band touches on losing all creativity and passion giving listeners something to grasp on to in even the most personal songs.

To celebrate the release of the album, Foxtrot and the Get Down will be on Radio 104.5 Live at 5, you don’t want to miss this!

Check out the album below or purchase it here and support Foxtrot and the Get Down in their future Philly endeavors.

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