Marika Hackman’s New Track “Boyfriend” Questions Cheating In Relationships

Alternative, Featured, Indie

English Dirty Hit label artist, Marika Hackman‘s discography is made up of haunting melodies and lyrics containing double meaning listeners must decipher to fully appreciate. Hackman’s last full length album, We Slept At Last, explored one aspect of our dual human nature- our propensity to long for deeper connections and how we often let anxiety and doubts consume us when forging them.

But I’ve got a feeling her next project I Am Not Your Man, set to release June 2nd, is headed in perhaps a less emotionally heavy, more playful direction.

Now that Hackman has explored our predisposition for good and the temptation of evil, she’s writing about acting upon impulses and the consequences it may bring. Judgement of said actions is completely up to listeners, but I think her pre-released single Boyfriend is extremely relevant and brilliantly executed.

Like her previous work, this track tells a in depth and complicated story. It’s a rather upbeat tune that questions society’s notion of same sex cheating “not counting” in a relationship between two people of the opposite sex. She treats the song as an open letter to the object of her affection’s boyfriend, letting him know that anything he can do, she’s already done better. Hackman is clearly having a laugh at the expense of clueless men.

Laugh with her and listen below! Keep up with her Facebook for more updates on the album.

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