Alter Bridge Brings The Last Hero Tour to Electric Factory

Concert Review, Rock

Whenever 93.3 W.M.M.R. puts on a show, you know it’s going to be good. Despite the fact, the event started an hour ahead of schedule the crowd was still lined up waiting to get up close to Alter Bridge.

The night started off with Weapons of Anew. The newly formed band played their hearts out to an electric audience.  Their new music fueled the crowd pulsing throughout the venue. The same intensity continued on to Nonpoint’s set. Song after song, whether it be “Putting Your Guns in the Air” or “Sticking Your Arms Up to Feel the Vibes”, the fans were begging for more. The final song of their set was a powerful rendition of Phil Collins’ song “In the Air Tonight”, which every member of the audience enthusiastically belted along with the band note for note and chord for chord.

The sold out crowd was then introduced to the final act of the night, Alter Bridge. Even after being together for 13 years and 5 albums Alter Bridge knew how to make the stage theirs. They owned the night playing old time classic hits and newer material that enthralled all listeners. The crowd ranged from men to women, children to parents of the like. All walks of Philly life came to see this incredible show put on by W.M.M.R. The bands did not disappoint the thriving crowd, giving them hit after hit until eventually the house came crumbling down into a rumble of deafening applause.

View our full photo gallery of the show below.

Words and Photos by Samuel Daly Harrison

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