John Mayer Releases Wave Two of ‘The Search for Everything’

Alternative, Rock

After much anticipation, John Mayer has finally given us the second wave of music off his new album, The Search for Everything.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, he described this second wave as, “My impression of loss. It’s the ghost in the room. Proudly, it is, as my therapist says, a study into the metaphysics of absent love.”

The first song is, “Still Feel Like Your Man”. It’s a silky R&B song or as Mayer would say, “ancient Japanese R&B”. It is very similar to “Moving On and Getting Over” from the first wave of songs. Out of all the songs Mayer has ever written, this was the most revised and improved. It’s infectious and the hook will have you singing it for weeks.

Then you have, “Emoji of a Wave”. Which incredibly enough has back vocals from Beach Boy, Al Jardine, and his son, Matt. Mayer describes this song as, “sitting in a feeling”. Lyrically this is the most beautiful song on the EP.

“Helpless” starts out with this amazing guitar riff. It’s the most rock song off the album, maybe because he was joined by Pino Palladino and Steven Jordan, or as you may all know them as the John Mayer Trio back in 2006. Mayer said in the interview with Rolling Stone, “I picture myself opening a show with this song”. If that’s the case you don’t wanna miss out.

Finally, we have the song, “Roll It on Home”. When Mayer was describing this song he said, “We have this bar in Livingston, Montana called The Murray Bar, and that’s the room I’ve always pictured this playing in”. After one go around, I was automatically hooked, and like Mayer, I get major Eric Clapton vibes from this song.

The second wave of The Search for Everything was just as amazing as the last one. Every song has its own personality. Listen below.

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