Stream: The xx Release Expansive New Album ‘I See You’

Alternative, Rock

On their previous two efforts, The xx dwelled in the shadow with their soundscape and lyricism. Songs like “Intro” and “Angels” drew listeners in by effortlessly tapping into human emotion. Almost a decade has passed and much has changed, but Jamie, Romy, and Oliver’s ability to touch our souls has remained constant.

With a running time of 39 minutes, you would expect the ten tracks of I See You feel rushed, but from “Dangerous” to “Test Me” each song melts into one another like an oil painting. Although songs like “Performance” and “Replica” revert back to The xx’s spacey, acoustic equation, we see an entirely new group emerge on “On Hold” and “Say Something Loving”. The use of samples and other layers of inorganic sound illustrate Jamie xx’s metaphoric flexing of his Grammy nominated (In Colour) production muscles. As usual, Oliver Sim and Romy’s vocals are unparalleled in harmony.

Listen to all of I See You below, and get your tickets to see The xx at the Mann Center on May 17 here.


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