Sonder Releases Mesmerizing Debut Project ‘Into’

Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B

The trio of Sonder formed this past summer and consists of vocalist Brent Faiyaz and producers Atu and Dpat. Their 7-track debut EP is a collection of cuts that will have you feeling all types of ways.

Brent Faiyaz croons about love and life over production that’s mostly soft-tempo, spacey and drifting, but always developing throughout the track. Sonder’s music isn’t for the listener with a short attention span. You won’t be able to tell how you feel about the track unless you play it all the way through.

Take “Too Fast” for example. It opens with bass and a snap, that’s it. Enter the drums and commence head-bobbing around 1:20, but then it cuts off and it’s just the echo of the keys with a girl’s vocal sample. But ooooweeee do those drums come back, from 3:00 on to the end of this song might be my favorite 2 minutes of music in recent memory; simply beautiful.

Listen and enjoy.

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