Nick Grant Drops Debut Album ‘Return of the Cool’


In the words of Sway, “You mothaf*ckin wack-ass rappers I told you, you getting retired today.” If you’re tired of these garbage rappers getting all the airplay right now, I feel your pain, I really do; this post is for you. Fittingly, it was on Sway in the Morning a little over a year ago where Nick Grant smashed a freestyle and people started to take notice.

The industry really began to pay attention when Nick Grant released his ’88’ Mixtape; proving that not only could he spit BARS with the best of them, but he could put together a solid full-length project as well.

This release, Return of the Cool, is more of the same but it also shows his continued development as a composer and songwriter. There are some beautiful hooks laid down on this thing by the likes of B.J the Chicago Kid, B. Hess and Ricco Barrino. And of course, it’s packed with Nick Grant spitting heat as well.  Stream the Epic Records release, below.

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