Twin Peaks, together PANGEA, and Golden Daze Rock Union Transfer

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The line outside of Union Transfer was a bit deceiving when only the first few rows of the venue filled after entering. However, these couple of rows were holding dedicated fans willing to freeze their butt off just to listen to some kick ass rock music.

The indie rock band from Los Angeles Golden Daze started off the night sending positive vibes through the crowd. In early 2016 they released their self-titled album encompassing melodic dream pop, which they delivered perfectly live. Their psychedelic tunes swayed everyone back into the 60’s by the end of their set. Golden Daze’s sound is similar to that of Tame Impala, undoubtedly helping their rise in popularity.

To my surprise and seemingly the people around me, together PANGEA’s set was wilder than anticipated. As soon as the first riff of “Looked In Too” started playing, push pits erupted and stage divers hopped up. The madness ensued throughout the entire set, with fans screaming and bodies falling all over the place. What I was expecting to be a mild head-banging band, turned out to be a full-out punk show. Together PANGEA knows how to get a crowd going, so if you’re looking for a fun time, check these guys out.

The main men of the night, Twin Peaks, finally walked on stage to a full room of happy people waiting to sing and dance along. The girls to the right of me were at their 11th and final show of Twin Peaks tour, traveling all down the east coast to see them. The people to the left of me traveled out-of-state for this show, and if that doesn’t sum up how loyal Twin Peaks fans are, I don’t know what does. Twin Peaks started the show off with one of their more popular songs, “Butterfly”. Immediately the rowdy crowd yelled every lyric and again, pushing

They played most of their well-known songs like “Walk With the One You Love”, “Making Breakfast”, and “I’ve Found a New Way”. The energy stayed high for the entire 20-song set with continuous dancing, crowd surfing, and stage diving. During the last song, vocalist and guitarist Cadien Lake James even took a go at it and jumped into the crowd. It’s understandable now why so many people would travel from all over to see these boys perform live, their passion and talents are not something you want to miss.


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