The Struts Blow Away Philly at Sold Out TLA Show

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English rock band, The Struts, have made a quick rise to stardom over the past two years with their first studio album Everybody Wants. Within the past year, they’ve received ample radio time, played multiple festival slots, and now their own headlining tour across the pond. It’s no surprise this show sold out so quickly. If you were fortunate to get a ticket to the show, you experienced how loud Philly can really get.

Before the rock stars that make up The Struts hit the stage, alternative-rock band Cemetery Suns began the night. With a show of hands, not many people in the crowd knew the band, but that didn’t stop them from giving it their all. Cemetery Suns did a fine job as an opening act, getting the crowd moving by telling everyone to clap and repeat simple phrases.

Their single “Fake Love” stole the show during the set. This song was a little different from the rest of the typical rock songs they played. “Fake Love” leaned more in the pop direction, but the heavy beats, tingly guitar riffs, and meaningful lyrics kept the crowd engaged.

Up next, Holy White Hounds turned the TLA into an angsty basement show. Besides the music, the band’s stage presence was the most notable aspect of their performance. Lead singer and guitarist Brenton Dean’s facial expressions and passion on his guitar were pure entertainment. At one point, guitarist James Manson even hopped into the crowd during his solo. These guys seemed like they were genuinely having fun and brought an energy that is unmatched by a majority of rock shows nowadays.

Finally, what everyone has been waiting for, The Struts. From the moment lead vocalist Luke Spiller stepped on stage, his radiating energy encapsulated the room and the start of a festive night ensued. His shimmering suit contrasted his black eye makeup, adding to his rock star aesthetic. Throughout the show, Spiller ran backstage for outfit changes. From capes to frills, leather jackets to Christmas lights, Spiller’s look was always on point.

The set started off with “Put Your Hands Up” to get the crowd moving. Spiller moved so fast around the stage it was hard to keep up with him, but every time he went back and forth on the left or right, the crowd’s yells became louder and louder. Not only was he running around the stage, Spiller pulled out his best dance moves. The Struts played all of their singles, but their most recent single “Put Your Money On Me” received the most lively reaction.

The highlight of the night was when Luke Spiller asked the crowd to part and then jumped off the stage and into the open circle. He ran around singing and asking for the crowd to sing back. Even though the TLA is an intimate venue, The Struts giving the fans in the back an up close experience speaks volumes about the band.

The key to a successful show is getting the crowd involved, The Struts went beyond getting the crowd involved, they made the fans a part of the show. Philadelphia was fortunate enough to be the second to last show on the tour, which only added to the electricity of the performance. Going off what we saw this past weekend, the success The Struts are accomplishing will only grow with the release of their next album, which we can expect in early 2017.

Check out the gallery from the show below.

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