The Musies Sit Down With Republic Records’ Badflower

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Recently, we had the opportunity to connect with Josh Katz, lead singer of Republic Records’ Badflower. These guys came together in 2013 and quickly gained a Monday night residency at the Key Club. From there, they were interviewed on SiriusXM by Lance Bass, and then performed at SXSW in March of 2013. This is what got their song “Animal” into rotation on iHeartRadio, and the ascent has continued since. Don’t know them? It’s time you get acquainted.


How did you guys come together?

Joey and I met in 08, completely randomly. We clicked, and then met with each other the next day. Alex went to my high school, and we just ended up reconnecting later in life. Anthony was in a band that we really liked, and that band broke up, so we contacted him.


At what moment did you realize you guys were doing a little climbing in the music world?

Just recently we got word that iTunes heard our record and loved it, and wanted to feature us as artist of the week and on their “hot tracks”. We know that it’s very rare for a rock and roll band who tries to not follow rules to reach that. Also, when we met with iTunes in LA. Before that, showcasing for Republic Records and then getting a deal was the most massive moment.


What do you mean by “a band who tries not to follow rules”?

In pop music, there’s very contrived groups and songs and things that are sold to people that is pretty disingenuous and we try to stay away from that. There’s a channel to popularity, but most times it involves putting your integrity aside, and we’re the type to stay honest to ourselves.


What was your inspiration for making the music you make?

Human emotion. I’m a bit of an emotional junkie, and I really like to make people feel things. I realized early on that it wasn’t as much about my experiences, but others’ experiences through my music that really got me going. I want to make people look at their life or society in a way they’ve never thought of before. It’s what motivates the band and myself to write the way we do.

What message are you trying to send to your fans out there through your music?

The message is to think for yourself, form your own opinion, and care about it.


You played at SXSW in 2013. How much did that raise your confidence in yourselves as musicians?

It actually did the exact opposite. It (SXSW) will bug you out. Unless you’re playing the same showcases that the best bands in the worlds are playing, you’re all competing for drunk peoples’ attention at the bar and it makes you feel insignificant. It taught us to not really try and compete on that plane until we’re ready. It was a very good learning experience because any time you play for people it’s a good experience, but for the hype of SXSW overshadowed what it was for us.


What’s next?

Temper is out, and we’ll be touring most of next year. We just want to reach as many people as possible and play for as many people as possible.


What’s one thing you want to say to everyone to let them know you’re “it”?

Give us a try. I think you’ll like us. Try it on for size.

Be sure to check out Badflower’s pages here, and contest in the links here!


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