Space Jesus Gets Interstellar at Sold Out Coda Performance Needless to say, things got weird.


This past Wednesday night, Brooklyn native and son of God lookalike Space Jesus made his Philadelphia headlining debut at Coda, alongside fellow Brooklyn producer Esseks and bass fusion mastermind Yheti. Insane levels of excitement surrounded the sold out show as seemingly everyone in Philly was talking about it weeks ahead of time, with loads of people searching all over the internet for spare tickets once they were all gone. Sure enough, once the night came, Coda was a sweaty, rowdy madhouse full of the hettiest of the hetti.


First up was Esseks, who laid down some funky tunes to get the evening started. It truly did not take long at all for Coda to heat up past the point of no return. Sweat started dripping well before 10pm, and most certainly did not stop for the rest of the night. After Esseks was Ohio native Yheti, donning one of the more interesting haircuts I’ve seen on an artist in recent memory. His set was full of weird shit, much to the liking of the sold out crowd. Switching up tempos and frequencies, Yheti provided the perfect direct support set, weaving in tunes like “Insect Consciousness” and “Make Some Money”. After his set, he made sure to stick around to get photos with fans, which is always a good look.


The man of the hour took the stage to an intense amount of cheering from the packed house. With his mom on stage and a slew of photographers all snapping shots of him, this was truly an important gig for Space Jesus. He wasted no time getting right down into the thick of it, busting out some of the gnarliest tracks I’ve heard in a good while. His mom bobbed along on the side of the stage with a bright smile on her face and the crowd headbanged the night away, breaking the rail several times to tracks like “Bunson Boy”, “Space Boss”, and “Bob Molly”. The turnout for a Wednesday night couldn’t have been more impressive as the several hundred bassheads went in for hours on end, making an absolute ruckus and getting themselves really, really sweaty. All in all, this insane event thrown by Aspire Higher & Artisan Presents proved that it doesn’t matter what night of the week it is—if you bring the bass to Philly, we will most certainly eat it up.

Photos and words by Dylan Long

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