Lotus Fans Share Their New Year’s Eve Resolutions at Electric Factory

Concert Review

Feature photo courtesy of Silky Shots

For over a decade now, Lotus has been blessing their fans with a unique sound that blends aspects of rock and roll with electronic beats, synths, and extended jam sessions. Originally established in Indiana, the band has since laid a strong foundation in Philadelphia with the help of renowned record producer and software engineer Bill Moriarty. Fresh off their 13th studio album, Eat The Light, Lotus has spent the majority of 2016 touring the album live and giving fans an in-depth look at their complex and mesmerizing light set-up. On Thursday night, Lotus took their tour to the Electric Factory and given the band’s ties to the city, they were set to deliver an unforgettable show.

The New Deal, a Canadian electronic trio, opened up the show and performed an hour-long set gearing the crowd up for Lotus. After The New Deal’s set concluded, Lotus hit the stage around 10 p.m. and had every member of the crowd dancing to their new record as well as some older tracks of theirs. Lotus is set to continue their tour well into 2017, including a stop in Michigan this summer for Electric Forest Music Festival on both weekends.

Prior to the start of the show, a few Lotus fans posed for a Polaroid and graciously provided us with their New Year’s Eve Resolutions.

“I’ve got a lot of tickets to shows coming up, so I guess it would be to see as much music as possible in the new year.”



“We want to go to LOCKN’ Music Festival in Virginia!”



“I stayed clean throughout 2016, so my New Year’s Resolution is to keep that going throughout 2017.”



“To do more stuff that makes me happy”



“I’m a producer myself and my resolution is to release a track through Firepower Records (Datsik’s Label).”



(Left): “Learn to play hockey.”

(Right): “Get some dance lessons.”



“To keep our jobs at The Electric Factory!”



“This could definitely be considered a life goal, but we’d like to conquer the world in 2017.”


What’s your NYE resolution? Comment below!

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