Jon Bellion’s The Human Condition Tour (Part II) Takes on Philly’s Electric Factory

Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B

After Jon Bellion sold out his entire tour this past year, many disappointed fans were still anxious for a chance to get to see the upcoming Visionary Music Group artist’s new album live. To their liking, The Human Condition Tour (Part II) had been announced, with Philly’s stop taking place at the Electric Factory on November 22.

When you go to a concert featuring an artist such as Jon Bellion, you have just as high expectations for the musicianship of his openers as you do for him. It’s because he’s just that talented and makes great music. Once again, the openers (Clark Beckham, Travis Mendes, Blaque Keys) progressively got the E Factory ready for Bellion to come out and go wild.

Clark Beckham being a familiar face to some (I honestly didn’t know who he was at the time), because of his success on American Idol coming in as the runner-up in season 14, was first to go. I was truly blown away with the voice he had and the variety of music he was playing (all acoustic by the way).

Second to go was Travis Mendes. From the second he came out he provided more of a hip-hop feel to his set then he would eventually transition into keys. Mendes’s main crowd pleaser was when he performed a song on which Bellion is actually featured on. “Dead Presidents” definitely got the crowd up and ready for the last opener and then Jon himself.

After Mendes was off the stage, Blaque Keys came out to some tracks to get the crowd up, but what they enjoyed most was when he cut the beat and would spit a freestyle off the top of the dome. Throughout his set, Keys did his part to get the entire venue amped up for what they came to see; Jon Bellion.

The second Jon Bellion ran out onto the stage, the energy in the room was crazy (especially because he opened with crowd favorites). “He Is The Same” and “All Time Low” blasted through the speakers, and everyone’s echoing sing-a-longs promised it would be an unforgettable night. Throughout his entire setlist (setlist photo attached below), the crowd didn’t miss a word and were having just as much fun with the concert as he was. Whether Jon was using the sound board to add to the feel of each song or going in on the Taiko drums during “Maybe IDK”, his overall performance was truly one of the more entertaining ones that I have seen live.

Being up front in the pit, I was able to get a picture of the setlist taped to the stage, so I knew ahead of time that his outro on the album (Hand of God), wouldn’t be the last song he’d be performing that night. Not only that, once Jon and his entire crew came out on the stage for the encore of “Jim Morrison”, they weren’t going to leave the stage unsatisfied with a sub-par crowd. After a few jokes of cutting the music when the beat was about to drop for the last time, the crowd and Jon both, were ready. As Bellion jokingly said, “I need to see some people on other people’s shoulders”, a third of the crowd was on each other’s shoulders within seconds. With water bottles in hand, and the crowd resisting to leave, the song dropped and everybody went wild to the point where the venue was shaking from the jumping.

I knew ahead of time that this concert definitely would not disappoint. Luckily, for those that didn’t pick up their tickets the second time around before the “Part II” tour sold out like the first one, Jon did say that the possibility of there being a part three tour is pretty high. If you weren’t able to go to either of his shows this past year, I would definitely recommend seeing the next one because the entire event was phenomenal, and as always, so was the Electric Factory and their crowd.

Photos and words by Tim Funkhouser

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