Jai Wolf’s Kindred Spirits Tour is Coming to Union Transfer 12/9

Concert Preview, EDM

Just one or two more weeks until final exams–why not hit up a concert before you move into the library? Luckily enough, Jai Wolf’s hosting a show during his Kindred Spirits Tour at Union Transfer this Friday, alongside Jerry Folk and Chet Porter.

Sajeeb Saha first propelled himself into the spotlight over just two years ago with his remix of Skrillex’s “Ease My Mind”, which earned him a spot to fame on OWSLA records. Since then, he’s produced a quantity of top-tier remixes, from Dirty South’s “With You”, ODESZA’s “Say My Name”, and “Dollhouse” by Melanie Martinez. Saha has also put out a number of original tracks that have enjoyed incredible popularity, such as “Indian Summer” and more recently “Drive”, both released under ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective.

Jai Wolf’s tracks have certainly earned spots on both our festival hype and chill-out playlists. From his trap-turned-Eastern pieces to his future bass hits worth bumping, there’s almost always a Jai Wolf song we’re in the mood for. “Drive”, his most recent production featuring The Chain Gang of 1974, has proven to be a track worthy of long nighttime highway cruises, while his remix of Kiiara’s “Feels” is perfect for mellowing out on a couch.

Opener Jerry Folk, is well-known for his groovy, melodic vibes. Additionally backing Jai Wolf is Chet Porter (another Foreign Family Collective artist) with his complex but relaxing rhythms. These two artists are the ideal complement to introduce Jai Wolf’s dazzling production, and we are currently counting down the moments until Friday.


Tickets available at Ticketfly.



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