Flume Performs “Never Be Like You” and Cover of “My Boo” on Triple J


Flume was honored to perform in triple j’s Like A Version studio last week. He was accompanied by a few familiar faces from his album Skin, Vince Staples, Kai, and Kučka, as well as some new faces, Vera Blue and Ngaiire.

Firstly, he performed “Never Be Like You.” He highlights live vocals from Kai that bring chills as she hits every note perfectly. Kai’s voice is beautifully harmonized by Kučka, Ngaiire and Vera Blue. Who knew that “Never Be Like You” live bits could sound even more flawless and pure? Listen below:

More excitingly, Flume’s song choice for his Like A Version cover was Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo,” which many of us have heard playing in the famous Running Man Challenge. He completely warps the song from soulful to idiosyncratic. He hands the throne to Kučka, Ngaiire and Vera Blue as they add charm to the already-catchy chorus. Flume then takes over as he breaks off into an energetic drop. Vince Staples truly transforms the track by turning the verses into a story. Listen below:

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