The Orwells Get Gritty at Underground Arts in Philly

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The Orwells have been on the radar since they came out with their debut release, Remember When, in 2012. The young group rolled into Philadelphia’s Underground Arts last Friday ready to take control.


Prior to The Orwells playing, we got to hear an even younger group, The Symposium, rock out an opening set. They, like the headliner of the night, are from Chicago and have deep ties to the city. With an EP under their belt and a new single out called “Red River”, their music took the hearts of every fan when they finished their set. They had spunk and charisma and proved that they are true rock stars on the rise. The Symposium have a sound that is so reminiscent of The Strokes, a comparison that will surely carry them straight to alt-rock notoriety.


After their set was over it was time for The Orwells. By this time the crowd doubled in size. As soon as Mario Cuomo, Dominic Corso, Matt O’Keefe, Grant Brinner, and Henry Brinner stepped on stage, the energy lit up the room. They started with “They Put A Body In The Bayou”, which is a single from the upcoming release Terrible Human Beings. The crowd went insane. At that moment, a mosh pit opened up and from that point on it was the Cuomo show as he brought the atmosphere that was needed to make an unforgettable night. Crowd favorites like “Southern Comfort” and “Mall Rats” were obviously played out, and you could hear the crowd overshadowing Cuomo’s voice.


Cuomo kept up the excitement by crowd surfing and trying to reach for the disco ball hanging from the ceiling. After successfully removing the suspending light, the band concluded their set. The crowd made passionates cries for an encore, and The Orwells obliged with one final song, “Head”.

It’s easy to see why so many people follow this band on tour as they keep them engaged all night. In the end, The Orwells were incredible to watch and I would recommend them to anyone that’s in their general vicinity for the remainder of their tour.

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