Porter Robinson and Madeon Bring Two Weeks of Sold Out Shows

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Porter Robinson and Madeon are and have always been in a league of their own. Both producers have created masterfully crafted full-length albums that have been critically acclaimed. Both producers have toured just about every musically active city in the world, and they both have served as headliners for festivals hosting hundreds of thousands of people. Not to mention, Porter Robinson and Madeon are both under the age of 25.

These two artists have broken the restraints of EDM’s party-culture stereotypes and redefined the meaning of sonic beauty. So, when they released their collaboration of “Shelter” and simultaneously announced a world tour, fans of both artists were frozen in anticipation to see if this epic live performance would hit their hometown.

Luckily, Philadelphia was pegged as a city that Porter and Madeon believed deserved two weekends (sold-out, if we may add), and after attending both, we can pronounce that the city of brotherly love did not disappoint.


Weekend one and two were virtually identical. Doors opened around 7, and an immediate flood of die-hard fans swarmed the front row in the historic Electric Factory. Openers Danger and Robotaki then gave gripping performances, capturing the attention of attendees that we assumed were only there for the headliners. Through two hours of pleasantly unfamiliar tracks, subdued light shows, and creepy masks, the crowd was fully prepped to experience the “Shelter” Live Tour.


When the main event kicked off, Porter Robinson and Madeon appeared from backstage, and as they took their respective spots on stage a symphonic song soundtracked their entrance. There was no need for either artist to address the crowd, and there were no desires from the audience to be hyped up with a building track. Everyone knew what was about to transpire, a magical ride through Porter Robinson’s Worlds and Madeon’s Adventure (plus some obvious classics).


Beaming lights illuminated the complex set-up on stage. Normally, DJ gigs only require a set of CDJs and a mixer, but Porter and Madeon are anything but normal. There were gizmos and gadgets galore. Electronic drum machines, synthesizers, and beat pads decorated the stage. A 30+ foot LED backdrop was designed to be the main visual aesthetic, but with all of the instruments on stage, every pair of eyes were fixated on the orchestration.

Porter and Madeon played the entire show together. There was no moment in the performance where one artist shined brighter than the other. Instead, these two virtuosos have formulated the ideal mesh between both their discographies and visuals. Throughout the entire evening, Porter and Madeon reinvented their already beloved songs into unforgettable remixes. While a mash-up of Madeon’s “Pay No Mind” and Porter’s “Easy” played out, stunning images and videos projected on the gigantic LED screen fully immersing the crowd into the show.


There’s a reason why this “Shelter” Live Tour is taking cities all over the world by storm, and it’s because Porter Robinson and Madeon put their entire beings into every song and performance. You can hear it in their lyrics, you can see it in their production, and you can feel it when you attend one of their shows. We know we’re not alone when we say that Philly would have gladly taken a third show. Now, all we can do is wait until next time…

Relive both weekends with photos from Matt Smith and Ching Cheng below.

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