Listen to the First Two Tracks Off Childish Gambino’s New Record

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Wow. The two singles Childish Gambino has unleashed thus far for his upcoming album, “Awaken, My Love!”, are nothing short of incredible. Moreover, this opinion comes from someone who prior to this point was not his biggest fan. But goddamn am I enticed by this first couple adventurously well-engineered tracks.

The three-part and over six-minute long “Me and Your Mama” will serve as the 11-track album’s intro. The song opens with soft keys, huge bass and a sort of ominous screeching that culminates into a 2-minute consistent groove. As the bass begins to pick-up even more, the swift drums, thunderous guitar, and anguished vocals of Gambino swirl the track into an organized chaos of rock brilliance. Then all of the sudden the chaos ends and you’re grooving again, but this time more subtly as you don’t want to stop listening but the track has to conclude somehow. This track is simply mind-blowing!

The next single he’s let go of, “Redbone”, finds Childish pitched-up in a quirky way, somewhat reminiscent of Frank Ocean on “Nikes”. It works so well over the sultry funk of the instrumental. Like the first, this track is another example of the vast vocal range and adventurism which I feel Gambino hasn’t revealed to us on earlier projects; at least not in this way.

Listen and enjoy below.

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