GRiZ’s Good Will Prevail Tour Electrifies Sold Out Fillmore Philadelphia

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There’s something about a cool fall night, the company of good friends, and GRiZ throwing the funk down on a Saturday in Philly that gets us excited in all the right places. This past weekend all of those equation’s factors were present at the Fillmore.

We arrived on the scene fairly early to catch some opening talent from Haywyre and The Geek x VRV, but we were held up by the longest line for entry in the history of gigs. Seriously, the mass amount of tie-dye shirts and pins has only been fabled in a galaxy far, far away, on a planet named Kashyyyk. After 30+ minutes of gradual movement and a thorough search (lost a newly bought chapstick), we made our way into the halls of the illustrious Fillmore.


We arrived just in time for the man himself. GRiZ took the stage to a sold-out crowd that was revealed by flashing lights reflecting off the beautiful chandeliers. His appearance on top of his table of musical gadgets caused blaring roars to erupt from his adoring fans. A saxophone solo introduction served as the ideal commencement to a night we’re sure attendees will not soon forget.


Before we get into the track selection, the Musies want to direct some love to GRiZ’s fans. It was eye-opening to see such a packed crowd get along so well for the entire duration of the show. From the moment we walked in we were greeted with smiles. Then when we were within the crowd, people made room for everyone to dance comfortably. And up until the second we left, attendees were connecting with one another on stories about past shows they’ve been to and reasons GRiZ’s music means so much to them. You don’t see this kind of stuff anywhere else.


So, let’s get to the music, shall we?

With the release of his most recent record, Good Will Prevail, GRiZ has solidified himself as a clear leader in the electronica genre. He has multiple other projects under his belt that have led him to headlining festivals and selling out shows city to city, but this new album has accelerated his rise to universal notoriety like a gunshot. Songs like “Good Times Roll” and “PS GFY”, which respectively feature Big Gigantic and Cherub, meshed flawlessly with throwbacks like “Fine Way to Die” and “Smash the Funk”.

The best part about GRiZ’s live performances, though, is that he’s not afraid to improvise. He uses hard-hitting, face-melting dubstep to captivate every individual in the room, and then he demonstrates his technical saxophonist skill by weaving in and out of the space the songs allow. For a solid hour and a half, we headbanged and grooved on GRiZ’s funkiest stylings.

This was a phenomenal show, and we can probably assume that most people that attended this show will be hitting another date on the Good Will Prevail tour. Enjoy our full photo gallery of the show, which features plenty of crowd shots!

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