Flume Drops ‘Skin Companion EP I’ with Four New Tracks


Flume, newly awarded five ARIAs for Skin, released his first of a series of Skin companion EPs. He includes four breathtaking songs that will give you chills while listening to it the first time. Originally, this EP was going to be available strictly on vinyl, but Flume has released it on multiple music streaming sites. “Heater” is by far the highlight of this EP. It was featured in the Skin LP Preview, and many fans were questioning why it was missing from the album. Flume has been teasing this song in his sets throughout the entirety of his world tour, which stopped in Philly back in August. The song has riveting energy, and every single crowd has loved the vibe this song gives when it is played.

Overall, all four songs take on a different side to Flume’s music. These are the songs you would never want to skip while going through your music. We get to hear the quirky side of Flume in his new music. We also get to hear the calmer side of Flume, which is similar to his self-titled album. Skin Companion EP I is just the beginning of a lot of special music. We will have to wait to see where these Companion EPs will take us, but for now, you can listen to Skin Companion EP I below.


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