Codd Dubz is Making Waves with His Brutal, Sewery Dubstep This Long Island riddim phenom is just starting to make his imprint on the scene with signature chops and double drops.

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Feature photo by Zack Bruzgo, Panda Media

“From the darkness of his basement in Long Island comes a young bass driven machine by the name of Codd Dubz. Like many other metalheads, the grittiness of dubstep created an indescribable feeling down in his guts, and it wasn’t long before he picked-up on it to start creating his own set of sounds. In the past year, Codd Dubz has made a name for himself with massive tracks that have been supported by numerous artists”, and his career has certainly been taking off as he takes the riddim world by storm one filthy release at a time. With the more underground, “riddim” sub-genre of dubstep gaining more popularity, Codd is at the forefront of innovation with his massive releases, “Game Over” with YAKZ, “Blat!”, “Doomed”, “Zombie Attack VIP”, “CoddBiotic” with Symbiotic, “MALFUNCTION”, “Black Knight (Codd Dubz Refix)”, and his two promo mixes. This weekend at Adventures Through The Multiverse, he went back-to-back with fellow Sewer Sessions member, Ranga’, which was definitely one of the highlights of the whole event. Not only did Codd and Ranga’ bring the heat into the Miniverse, but they turned the stage into an outright riddim-filled hour of mayhem! Codd Dubz is gaining the well-deserved attention of bass music listeners everywhere and is showing no signs of slowing down with his downright nasty and spectacularly heavy, “riddim”-type dubstep.  

I was able to catch up with Matt Coddington aka Codd Dubz before and after Adventures Through The Multiverse and talk about his career thus far.


Tell me a little about yourself and how you got started producing dubstep.

So I started producing music about 3 years ago. But I’ve been DJing for about 4 years now. It started when I was in high school back in my senior year. I had this kickass stereo system that my mom got me for Christmas one year and one night I decided to bring it to a friends party. Somebody brought a mixer with them and they asked if they could plug into my speakers. So after they plugged everything in they started mixing dubstep in front of me and I’ve never really seen that been done (in front of me at least) before. I said to him “Dude I’ll buy that mixer off of you right now” So I did, I went home and practiced DJing every single day. But I was terrible for a long time and didn’t know anything about it. So after a year of DJing I wanted to bring it up a notch and I started producing music. But I didn’t even know anything about making music or how people would do it on computers. I remember one time I saw somewhere that Borgore said he used Ableton so I did some research on that and came across the program along with a bunch of other digital audio workstations and didn’t want to learn them all at the same time I wanted to stick to one. So then I purchased Ableton and it all went from there. 


A lot of people don’t like using the word “riddim” for the darker and swampier bass you produce – what are your thoughts on it and do you think of it as its own style or a sub-genre to dubstep?

To be honest it really doesn’t bother me. At the end of the day, it’s all dubstep and music to me.  Although this one time I had this kid try to tell me that riddim isn’t dubstep and that’s when I think the line should be drawn. Because it is dubstep!  


What drew you to producing this type of dubstep rather than the more “brostep” sounding type?

Thats a good question. I guess it was from when I first started listening to dubstep I was into more of that “wonky / riddim ” stuff. I remember my friend (the same friend who actually sold me my first mixer) showed me this track called “Africa VIP” and it was that sound and that flow that really caught my attention. I have absolutely no hate for the brostep scene or producers because I do think it’s really good! One of these days I do plan to make a track that has more of a brostep feel too it.


You recently put out a new promo mix – what is this process like, how long does it take you and how do you pick which songs to play out?

Yes! Promo Mix 02.  Which I really wish I could come up with a better name for but I’m not too good at that stuff haha. Usually what I do is go into iTunes and make a new playlist of a bunch of tracks I’ve been feeling lately.  Then I try to find what tracks to open the mix with which is usually the harder part for me. The whole process of finding music and doing a couple recordings takes about a weekend for me. 


Which is your favorite track you’ve released and why?

Probably Zombie Attack VIP, which is pretty old now but that track I think is the most ‘signature Codd Dubz track’ I could say. I also am really happy with my track “BACK2BACK” with Emoxx. I’ve played that one every set since we finished it. Also my track “Street Mentality” with Swayd makes me really happy too. All my tracks I’m pretty happy with just always striving to get better and better with them!


You are part of the Sewer Sessions trio – how did it all start, where’d you get the name, how did you all meet, what were your goals?

Ok, so this is a good story. Before I was a DJ or making music I used to be a promoter and throw events. For one event I booked Symbiotic with no past relationship with him what so ever.  My girlfriend (at the time) and his girlfriend (also at the time) connected really well at the show and established a friendship. So every weekend they were always hanging out and since we always were with our girlfriends we would see each other too. We would see each other pretty much every weekend. He at the time was then speaking to Ranga’ and he introduced me to him just by skype calls. Then we all played a show together 2 or 3 years ago over in Brooklyn and we all met. Fast forward up until now, it was Symbiotic and Ranga’ who started Sewer Sessions. It was their idea but I’m thankful they let me on board with their project. We then did the Sewer Sessions Tour in the beginning of 2016 and it was great! So many memories with them in all different area all over the country. Now we’re at the end of 2016 and we’ve just announced Sewer Sessions is going to France for some gigs. One of them being one of my dream gigs, Splash! Very excited!


Who are some artists you really admire in the scene?

I admire people who work really hard. Of course every artist does (or at least tries too with the busy schedule they have), but some honorable mentions of some artists who I can say are hard working guys have to be Subtronics, Squnto, of course, my Sewer Sessions brothers, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Crowell, Cubs, Yakz, the list can go on and on. I believe everybody is put on the earth for a purpose and those guys are totally here to make music and do what they’re doing. All of them are badmens!


A lot of your earlier work – “Blunt Afta Blunt”, “Game Over” with YAKZ, “Blat!” and “Doomed” – are all huge tracks, did you expect this success when you started out? How have things changed for you since you started producing?

Wow, I almost forgot about those tracks haha. I was only producing for about a year when I made those tracks and they’re about 2 years old now. But going back and listening to those and listening to my tracks now it’s awesome to see the improvement and progression that has happened since then. Some artists like to delete really old stuff off their SoundCloud page but as long as SoundCloud is letting me upload, those tracks will always be there (until I absolutely need to delete them to upload new tracks of course). 


Who would you most like to collaborate with?

I’m open to collaborating with anybody. I’d love to make a deep track one day with Prophet, to be honest, his production and flow are awesome. Infekt, Subfiltronik, Jam PRD, Samplifire, the list can go on but those are some honorable mentions where I really do enjoy all elements about their tracks.


If you have to describe your music to a new listener what would you say?

It depends on what track your listening to of mine I would say! You can listen to some of my more wonky kind of stuff and get the ‘riddim’ feel for it, or you can listen to some of my bit heavier stuff and get the more ‘tear out’ vibe from it. 


What are your upcoming plans music and touring wise?

I don’t plan on stopping to make music anytime soon! I plan to keep on striving for improvement and never settling for where I am. As far as touring and shows I’m always accepting bookings and plan on to keep traveling to see different parts of the world and different culture’s music scenes. I’m very excited to see what 2017 has in store :). 



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