Adventures Through The Multiverse Festival Set to Riggity Wreck Philadelphia The Rick & Morty themed event will be one for the masses, chock full of some wubba lubba bass music.

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Upon returning from their latest inter-dimensional misadventure, Rick Sanchez pondered to himself about what would be the next dangerous and surreal experience he could drag his grandson, Morty, to that would blow his mind. Low and behold, our dearest Rick stumbled upon the Adventures Through the Multiverse show, and is on his way to get riggity wrecked and downright schwitfy!

Brought to you by the Kontrol Room, Rambling Dodger, Audio Lab, Depth Perception, Funkadelphia, and Aspire Higher, ATTM boasts a lineup full of dubstep, heavy bass, riddim, deep dub, UK grime, and drum and bass bringing out bass heads from all across the country to get squanchy! Held at the B-Side Complex in Philadelphia, the event will have 4 rooms full of sound including 4 stages (dimensions) for you to travel to on your adventure. Dimensions include The Mothership presented the Kontrol Room & Rambling Dodger (Philly), Squanchy’s Tropical Paradise presented by Audio Lab & Depth Perception (Baltimore & DC), Rick’s Lab presented by Funkadelphia & Aspire Higher (Philly & New Jersey), and The Micro-Verse presented by East Coast Hard Dance & The Kontrol Room (Philly & New York City). With acts such as Downlink, ill.Gates vs KJ SAWKA, Dieselboy, AFK, Bommer, DACK JANIELS, Helicopter Showdown, JPHELPZ, Mantis, SLUGGO, SQUNTO, Architekt, Codd Dubz b2b RANGA’, GRAM GREENE, Kris Cayden, MOTH, Ludge, Digital Ethos, UBER b2b Subtronics, and Al Ross b2b YAKZ, you can be sure that this event is set to leave you in a bass coma for weeks to pass. Let’s get this dumb universe rollin’!


I was able to catch up with head of the event and local Philadelphia show organizer, JR Sten, before the Rick and Morty madness ensues next week!

How long have you been throwing shows and how did you get started?

Oh god…it’s probably been, I’d say, about 12 years.  First show was when I was 13.  I curated a battle of the bands at my local library out in Huntingdon Valley, PA.  There ended up only being 4 bands but it was fun. 



How did you come up with the idea to do a Rick & Morty themed show?

To be perfectly honest… myself and Mike (Architekt) really liked the show and a lot of our friends liked the show so we figured we’d do something we all could relate to in some twisted weird way. Guess you could say it worked. 



Did you have a lineup in mind or did you get suggestions? How would you describe the lineup now that it’s essentially finished? Have you ever booked this many sets/artists at once?

We didn’t really know where it was going to go. Originally it was just going to be another show for The Kontrol Room with a slapped on Rick & Morty theme before all the other crews came aboard. We had a few suggestions but we always wanted to keep it diverse and bass-ey. The lineup is exactly what it is…a bass lineup. A little dubstep, a little riddim, a little drum n bass, a little complextro, a little something for everyone! Definitely something myself or the other teams have ever done before but it seems as though that may change for the future.



A lot of people think the lineup is fake even though Downlink confirmed it—what do you want to say to these doubters?

That it’d be really awkward for the few that thought it was real and actually showed up. I think that would kind of be hilarious. A few months ago a lot of these “fake” concerts with major acts on them started popping up with people like Limp Bizkit and Nickleback so I guess if it was fake it’d be sort of like that. 



You are also part of the group that runs the Kontrol Room—how did that get started, where did the name come from, who does it consist of and how is Rick & Morty different from a typical Kontrol Room show?

To make a long story short and to give credit where credit is due, the concept of The Kontrol Room as an infant blueprint was told to us by John (12th Planet)…gave us the idea and motivation to create a group of like-minded people who wanted to promote the dubstep and dubstep sub-culture communities in a city that had neither…and we did. The Kontrol Room as it is today consists of myself & Mike Pipitone (Architekt) as its main founders and curators. As far as the name goes, it kinda spawned from the way we set up our first show at our birth venue, District N9NE in Philly. We didn’t really have that big of a fan base so our shows were naturally pretty small although the venue was HUGE so we ended up having to cut our capacity in half.  In doing that we ended up setting up all of our production near the sound booth which we usually called “the control room” before this all started. I don’t think I need to explain how the name progressed from there lol. Honestly, Adventures Through The Multiverse isn’t much different. It’s just a bigger version of what we already do. A bass music influenced show with a crowd vibe that is unparalleled to anything you will experience anywhere else. It’s got a sense of family rather than the usual commercialized “welcome to our rave night hurr durr” that people are used to. It’s familiar…but not, and you can’t understand it fully unless you’re there to experience it for yourself.   



With Getter’s recent personal vendetta against all things “riddim”, do you think this lineup will be eye opening to all those not aware of what riddim is? How would you describe the lineup?

Oh jeez. Well before I say anything…understand this…”riddim” as a genre is a very specific term, some people have one idea about what it is and other have another so I don’t really think it’s necessary to say that we are pushing a “riddim” type of sound. That being said, the lineup itself features all walks of life in the bass music culture. We wanted to be as diverse as possible as to give people the chance to experience a little of everything if they wanted to. If they wanna listen to 9 hours of dubstep, we have that, if they want a taste of something more melodic, we have that too, drum and bass, yup we got it…it’s a little of everything bass-heads like. And THAT is what we want to push, the idea that the bass community, no matter the genre, is a FAMILY.


There are A TON of crazy b2bs. how did you choose these and what can we expect?

I’m not gonna give away too much but the one we are really excited for is Yakz & Al Ross….2 of (in our opinion) the most diverse up and comers in the underground dubstep community. Yakz being very aggressive in his style and production and Al Ross being a little on the wonky side of dubstep. We thought the two of them would make for something really interesting that would blow people away.



A lot of the lineup is lesser known, more underground dubstep/riddim—was this your intention? How do you feel about the more underground bass?

A lot of the time the lesser know guys don’t really have a chance to shine.  These guys work harder, play harder and dedicated their lives to this more than most headliners so why not showcase some of the best around? Uber, Moth, Yakz (as mentioned before), Kris Cayden, Ludge, Codd Dubs, just to name a few of these guys. The underground bass community is huge and needs to be shown to the world. Our goal (in a way) is to let these people who have never listened to these guys, get a taste of what they’re missing.



Of all the massive talent that was booked, who would you say we should really look out for?

We would honestly say all of them, but out of the bigger guys we’ll do a top 3.

  1. Jphelpz
  2. Squnto
  3. Dack Janiels


Which Rick & Morty character do you relate to the most and why?

Probably Squanchy…I feel like we would share the same sleep schedule.



What can we expect vibe and venue wise?

I honestly would rather not tell people about the type of experience they will have at a Kontrol Room show…it’s special, it’s different… you will understand what I’m talking about once you see for yourself. Venue wise? It’s HUGE! 4 rooms all complete with awesome sound and decorations! Not more you can really say about it without giving away crucial details.



You’ve received a lot of feedback from Cartoon Network and the Rick & Morty people—can you tell us a little about this?

Well like I said before…this originally wasn’t supposed to be this big. Even when we started building what the lineup was going to be, we had no idea it’d blow up big enough to catch their attention. But we kept going. Eventually, to our surprise we ended up getting their attention. Although we could no longer use the “Rick & Morty” logo for our show anymore (legal copyright things and whatnot) we had their full support to continue with the show, which was a huge morale boost for us to keep going with this in an even bigger way. Probably some of the most chill and laid back lawyers I EVER had the pleasure of dealing with. (Shout out to Jeanene from Time Warner!)



Describe what this event will be like to all those curious.

Without giving anything away…it will be a bass music & Rick & Morty fans dream show. Sound appealing to you? Then I’ll see you there!


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(Playlist courtesy of Harvey Steezy)

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