5 Reasons You Need to Watch State Champs’ Music Video for “Losing Myself”

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Months after filming, the long anticipation for State Champs’ “Losing Myself” music video finally premiered on MTV’s Snapchat Discover channel. If you were contemplating watching it, here are five reasons that will make up your mind.

5. Kyle Thrash is a film directing God.
Seriously, this man is a genius and continues to show his talents working with groups such as Modern Baseball, Real Friends, Coin, and many other popular bands who are trying to snag him to direct their videos. If you’re not sold on this idea just from watching the “Losing Myself” video, check out his documentary style video for Microwave’s “Vomit”.

4. The video is hilarious for State Champs fans and for commoners.
The premise of the video is a cheesy commercial promoting the waterpark, so expect bad puns and exaggerated acting.

3. The majority of the actors are State Champs fans.
Right before the video was shot, the band posted on their social media that they needed extras from around the area. Lucky for us, the video was filmed at Runaway Rapids Waterpark in North Jersey, which is pretty close to Philly. If you’re from Philly, Jersey, or New York, you will probably spot some of your pop-punk pals in the video, including me!

2. “Losing Myself” is a jam.
On State Champs’ most recent album, Around the World and Back, “Losing Myself” is one of the best songs on the LP and a fan favorite live. If you’re not there for the video, the song is a reason you’ll keep coming back.

No joke this guy walked around set all day in only a speedo. Watch the video and you’ll understand.

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