M83 Dazzles Philly with a Huge Sound and Bright Lights

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This past Thursday, French electronic sensation M83 stopped by Fillmore Philadelphia for one of our favorite shows so far this fall. The combination of budding opener talent from Shura, extraordinary lights, and a sound unlike any other fostered the ideal night for all.


Alexandra Lilah Denton better known as her stage name Shura, kicked off the gig with soft layers of synthesizers and digital percussion. Her music is known amongst her fans as solo work, but on this night Shura brought assistance on drums and guitar. As songs like “2Shy” and “What’s It Gonna Be” were played out, there wasn’t a feeling of total originality; however, the delivery was surely refreshing. Usually, emerging synth-pop artists are stale on stage. Their performances are based solely around the music, the crowd connection absent, and all frills eliminated, but Shura showed energy and love for the attendees who showed up early for her. She could undoubtedly carry her own tour, and I’m thrilled to see how her music evolves.


When the clock struck 9:15pm, the gorgeous chandeliers in the Fillmore dimmed and a starry backdrop started to illuminate the stage. As an ambient song soundtracked M83’s entrance to the stage, cheers erupted from the audience. There was solidarity amongst everyone at the venue that this was about to be a special night, and then “Reunion” began to play. For the next hour and a half, M83 retained full control.

Traveling through M83’s extensive discography was everything we hoped it would be. An entire decade of unparalleled compositions brought songs like “Wait” and “Go!” to life. Anthony Gonzalez and company created brilliant, expansive sounds with a five piece ensemble. This performance made me feel like I was getting a personal concert on a beautiful open field with a full moon and the most beautiful starlit night. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who felt this way.


Chills ran down my spine on multiple occasions, but when Mai Lan came out during the encore to sing “Atlantique Sud” everything truly came together. I’m assuming the majority of the crowd wasn’t fluent in French, but it didn’t matter. People were entranced by the sonic beauty, and a language barrier wasn’t going to hinder that.

Check out our full gallery below, and next time M83 comes to Philly make it your job to be there.

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