Exclusive Interview with The Wrecks from Their Opening Performance at The Foundry

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The Wrecks have only been a band for 11 months now, but if you caught their performance this past Friday at The Foundry, that thought would have never even crossed your mind. The sold out show with Nothing But Thieves brought people of all ages to the intimate venue with the same purpose—good company, and even better music.

The Wrecks played a few unreleased tunes that everyone was vibing to. One of the new songs, “My Kind”, is really funky and different. Lead singer, Nick Anderson, showed off his rapping skills in this song. If everyone wasn’t impressed already, at the end, Nick belted, “You can’t break my mind”, blowing the crowd away.

Another one of new songs everyone seemed connected to was “Take Me Away”. This one was a little slower than the rest of the songs. Nonetheless, the crowd’s head bobbing and smiles showed they were also interested in the slow jam as well. The last new song I’ll mention is “James Dean”. This groovy song had the boy next to me whipping his hair around like I’ve never seen before. It’s always super cool to see how music can take over your body, especially the first time you’re hearing it. Hopefully, all of the new songs will be released soon. Make sure you check out our interview with The Wrecks below to get some inside information on how soon that may be.

haarison Of course, they also played their whole EP, We Are The Wrecks. While the Philly crowd was loving the new stuff, they were able to sing along to these three songs, which hyped the crowd even more. The Wrecks ended their set with “Favorite Liar”. This song recently made the SiriusXM Alt Nation’s top 18, so there was no doubt that this was the most exciting moment for everyone at The Foundry that night.

crowdjanw Before the show, The Musies had the opportunity to interview The Wrecks where they talk about the totally 100% true story behind the band’s name, music they’re digging now, and Nick’s concussion.

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