Chance the Rapper and Francis and Lights Bless the University of Delaware

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Got four days to burn between your tour stops in New York and Washington, D.C.? Why not add a tour date at the University of Delaware?

We’re glad Chance the Rapper stopped by this past week–it was prime time for exams, but Chance had the Bob Carpenter Center going up on a Tuesday.

As soon as the doors opened at 7pm, the lucky fans who were able to get their hands on a floor ticket rushed inside to claim their spots close to the stage. Other students gradually filled the seats around the stage, packing the Bob Carpenter center to the brim.


After everyone settled into their seats and found their spot on the floor, Francis and the Lights opened the stage. He started off with solo vocals, then quickly surprised the crowd with some hard-hitting bass by the second song. With sub-woofers blasting loud enough to feel the vibrations in your throat, it was a good night to have earplugs in the pit. Francis kept his performance simple with strong vocals, heavy bass, and just two spotlights to light him up. You can learn more about Francis and the Lights and get a free download to his new album here.

After Francis concluded his short set, Chance finally took the stage. It took 45 minutes to set up, but the production was well worth the wait. The crew had built a full-fledged set up to par with some venues in Philly. And as soon as the curtains dropped, the entire crowd was certain Chance was about to give the University of Delaware the full experience.


Chano wasted no time as soon as he got on stage, immediately opening with “Angels” off of his most recent album Coloring Book. When he concluded, he apologized for getting into it so quickly and forgetting to give a proper introduction. He continued with “Blessings” and “Cocoa Butter Kisses”, among other songs, before ramping up the energy.

After concluding “Cocoa Butter Kisses”, Chance didn’t want to ruin the surprise by announcing his next song; instead, he asked the audience to just jump in after he counted down the start of the track.

The familiar tune from Acid Rap started, and the crowd went wild singing every word to “Favorite Song”. He made sure to slow things down afterward by mixing in a few throwbacks in his set, as well as bringing out a piano to showcase his musical talent and diversify the sound. Later on, he rapped his verse from Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam”, backed by his choir of animatronic puppets.


It wasn’t long before he brought the energy back–however, Chance had his puppet Carlos the Lion start the next song off.

“You don’t want zero problems, big fella.” This is what the audience was waiting for.

The crowd followed with the next line: “IF ONE MORE LABEL TRY TO STOP ME…”

Chance had turned the Bob Carpenter Center into a madhouse, just with the intro of No Problems. All of the energy building up in the arena was unleashed for the duration of that song. The momentum continued with “All Night” before slowing down and switching into his gospel sound with “Sunday Candy”, “Finish Line/Drown”, and more.


Chance closed out the show the same way he started it, serenading the crowd with “Blessings”. However, not wanting to end the show too early, he brought Francis back to dance along to his song with Kanye West and Bon Iver entitled “Friends”.

Thanks for blessing the University of Delaware with your show, Chance.

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