Thoughts From You and Pictures From Us, ScHoolboy Q at Electric Factory

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Sometimes we get sick of hearing ourselves speak. So, this time The Musies reached out to the public for thoughts on ScHoolboy Q‘s performance at Electric Factory this past Thursday. But don’t worry, we still provided a full photo gallery allowing you to relive the entire night.


Erin Diviney: “Okay starting with the venue I really liked it. Everything was easy to find and the food vendors came in clutch with Philly cheese steaks and water. It did get hot once people started crowding in but I guess there’s not much the venue can do to prevent that considering it was also 95 degrees…and I think the venue was the perfect size because you had a good view of the stage from pretty much wherever you were standing…as far as the show it was incredible! Everyone who was on stage before Joey Bada$$ (A.Boogie and a couple DJ’s) did a really great job of hyping the crowd up.

Joey Bada$$ was on for about an hour and he killed it, he definitely put a lot of energy into his performance which made the crowd even crazier.  And when ScHoolboy came on everyone went nuts and pushed towards the barricade to get as close as they could to him. In my opinion his set list was perfect. He stayed true to his longtime fans by playing hits off his first 2 albums, and played some of his best songs from his latest album which everyone enjoyed.


The most memorable part of the concert was probably when Q jumped into the crowd, he crowd surfed briefly before getting dropped to the ground and presumably some fans got a little to excited because security had to get involved in helping ScHoolboy get back on stage, and once he did he walked off. At first the crowd was shocked by this but eventually we started chanting his name to come back out. After a minute or two, ScHoolboy came back on stage and finished the show with a bang (he even continued playing songs well past 11pm which is when he was supposed to end the concert). Overall, it was an awesome show and I would definitely see Joey Bada$$ and ScHoolboy Q again!


Sam Becht: “Ha-ha sure, I mean personally I’m more into Joey’s music but ScHoolboy blew me away with his production and emotion and I forgot how many good songs he has. Joey Bada$$ didn’t disappoint though.”

Ching Chen: “I was a little late to the show, but when I entered the venue I can sense the anticipation for Q. Obviously openers and Joey Bada$$ did a really good job (or so I heard). When Q came out the crowd went crazy, the energy inside the building was almost terrifying. Q started out with his old songs and progress to newer ones chronologically. Closing up with “THat Part” was probably the highlight of the night. There’s really isn’t much to say about this show except how incredible it was. Production wise I gave it a 7 out of 10. Lighting wasn’t the best and the patterns repeated a lot. It wasn’t until “THat Part” when I really got going (as in photographing). Q kept on mention how great and dedicated the crowd was, and he still had his sweatshirt on so he kept on going until over time. Philly blew my mind again with this crowd.”

Photos by Ching H Chen

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