Download: Francis and the Lights Releases New Future Pop Album, ‘Farewell, Starlite!’


You may be familiar with the name Francis and the Lights from his feature in Chance the Rapper’s latest album Coloring Book, but Francis Farewell Starlite’s creative peak can be better examined in his new album Farewell, Starlite!

The LP features artists, Bon Iver in “Friends”, and Kanye West in “My City’s Gone”. The first track, “See Her Out (That’s Just My Life)”, was also co-produced with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. These incredible talents, each with their own signature sound, add to Farewell, Starlite! being a soundscape for perfectly executed, imaginative combinations.

Farewell, Starlite! takes a unique spin on pop music that most pop artists would not try to for a whole album. The slower tempos complement Francis’ high pitched voice creating a smooth album front to back. His innovative sound that turned, what could have been dance beats, into sweet love songs is different from anything I’ve heard recently.

Not one song in the LP is similar. Some songs are piano heavy, others include string instruments, and some are completely filled with infectious beats. The 5th track “May I Have This Dance” stole my heart as a feel good type of song.

“Friends” was one of the previously released songs that have received a lot of hype. This very groovy song is a perfect example of the creativity the whole album exhibits. Justin Vernon manages to give the feeling of an emotionally powerful voice that usually comes from deeper gravelly vocals. This rare ability to execute the same powerful feeling with his high-pitched voice makes the song all the more beautiful. Not to mention, Vernon’s dancing in the music video is also hilarious, it’s kind of a shame they made him do that.

Listening to this album the first time through will take you to a different universe. The beats alongside the lyrics just feel “right.” From the beginning to the end, the rhythms will take you away. You can listen to the full album here.

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