Concert of the Week: The Growlers Return to Union Transfer 9/27

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There’s a fair amount to be excited for this week in the Philly music scene. James Blake at Electric Factory, Beyonce at Lincoln Financial Field, and a ton of other gigs spread across the city. But we’ve been counting down the minutes to one show since it was announced back in July. That’s why our pick for concert of the week easily goes to The Growlers return to Union Transfer this Tuesday, September 27.

The Growlers have created undeniably unique music for almost a decade now. From Are You in or Out to Guilded Pleasures to Chinese Fountain, and now, to the forthcoming City Club, these psychedelic rockers have acquired their own genre. Beach Goth, as they describe it, feels like it’s more of a movement than a genre at this point. It’s served as a classification for their music and a name for their self-run festival in Orange County, CA, which this year features massive names like JusticePatti Smith, and Bon Iver amongst others.


Not to mention, they’ve amassed one of the most passionate fan bases we’ve ever seen. Seriously, these shows get absolutely wild. Last year, their Union Transfer show was packed to the brim with eager fans moshing and stage-diving with lead singer, Brooks Nielsen. Their discography meshed so flawlessly through the night, and now with an entirely new album coming out this Friday, we expect to hear a fusion of classics and unreleased music.

And if you haven’t heard, The Growlers are Julian Casablancas’ favorite band. All of their new music has been premiered on Casablanca’s Sirius XM radio show, and City Club is being released under Cult Records. That’s not an easy feat by any means necessary, so even if you’ve never heard of these guys before, it’s time to check them out.

Buy your tickets for this show now because it will sell out before doors open Tuesday night.

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