While You Were Sleeping, Frank Ocean Released More New Music

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Yesterday the music industry’s biggest enigma, Frank Ocean, finally appeased to his fans and released new sounds in the form of a 45 minute visual project entitled Endless. This extensive video includes similar clips from the live stream that popped up a few weeks back, and an 18-song tracklist that reminds us of how perplexing Ocean is as an individual. The constant flow of songs jump from pure ambience to touching lyricism. One thing is for sure, it’s good to have this man back in our ears.

Last night, Frank released his first official music video release since Channel Orange invaded our hearts back in 2012. Now we see and hear a reformed Frank on “Nikes”. The song itself serves as a reflection of the basic-ness we’ve cultivated as a society, and the need to return to scenes featured in the music video. Scenes of human touch and interaction, fear, and most definitely love.

It feels like a long, lost friend has reappeared into our lives after years of absence. The Endless project and “Nikes” are the sweet sounds of a fresh chapter in the saga of Frank Ocean and the people. Now, all we can do is relish in the time and wait for the next page.

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