Logic & G-Eazy | The Endless Summer Tour – Philly Stop

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When The Endless Summer Tour was announced earlier this year, a mixture of teenage girls, hip-hop heads, and just an all around variety of people flocked to the idea of it and purchased tickets.


The show started off with YG, performing to a solid amount of people for it still being early in the night. He performed songs that the crowd would be more familiar with, whether he was the original artist or not. He started off with “My N***a*”, then casually went into a remix of “The Next Episode” by Dre and Snoop, Jeremih’s “Don’t Tell ‘Em” ft. YG, and Kendrick’s “M.A.A.D City”.  

From there it went to “F*ck Donald Trump” and “Get Low” by Lil Jon with a few others to end his set.


After YG, Yo Gotti came out to “Yayo”, a song in which he featured by Snootie Wild, “No Handz” by Waka Flocka, and onto one of his more notable songs, “Down In the DM”. From there a variety of other songs were performed whether covers or his own. To my surprise, YG and Yo Gotti actually had the crowd pretty into their performances for being merely openers. The two artists, still somewhat on a rise, definitely gained a warm welcome for their visit to Philly.  


From the openers, it went to what the hip-hop heads were waiting for; Bobby Tarantino, Young Sinatra, Psychological, the man otherwise known as Logic. After “Contact”, from The Incredible True Story played twice due to technical issues, Logic came out to a crowd of screaming fans and performed “Fade Away”. From there Logic went on to perform various songs from his past three albums; Bobby Tarantino, The Incredible True Story, and Under Pressure. Songs of which always seemed to be topped by the next, like “I Am The Greatest”, “Like Woah”, “Slave”, “Super Mario World”, along with a few others. 

What you can expect from a performance by Logic is that at some point during the show, a fan will throw a Rubik’s Cube up on stage and he’ll manage to solve it behind his back.

As always, Logic ended with “Gang Related”, and rather than just walking off to the song, he regularly stops the beat and shows just how fast he can spit the closing verse. While doing this he typically picks out a fan and tries to do the verse with them to see if they can keep up. Once finished, he tipped his hat and tossed it to that lucky fan and walked off the stage.


Lastly, and by far the loudest point of the night, was G-Eazy. Coming out to “Random” from a smoke filled stage, was Young Gerald being bombarded by the loudest screams of girls you’ll ever hear. He performed mostly songs off of his two most recent albums, When It’s Dark Out and These Things Happen, along with a few other throwbacks. Songs like “Me, Myself, & I”, “One of Them”, and “You Got Me” were all heavy-hitting songs with bass notes shaking the entire place along with collective shrieks destroying eardrums miles away. 


The songs along with the crowd being extremely loud and interactive made for a wild performance. Logic and G-Eazy also having a good amount of fans within a similar grouping helps the growth of one another in their rise to superstardom with new fans.
This collaboration tour was by far one of the biggest hip-hop tours this summer had to offer, and definitely lived up to its expectations. Next time either of these artists return to Philadelphia for a show, expect it to be sold out instantly. 

Photos and videos by Tim Funkhouser and Matt Smith.


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