Letting Their Music Speak: Count To Four Prepares to Release New Album

Punk, Rock

Philadelphia based band Count To Four has been working diligently on the release of their upcoming post-rock album from the studio in Bethesda, Maryland. The band is composed of Pete Adams on drums, Jay Miller on Guitar/ Backing Vox, and Neale DiMento on Bass/Backing Vox. After the loss of their lead singer last year, Count To Four teamed up with producer Taylor Larson to craft the instrumentals for a new record and Matt Goode of From First to Last to do programming.

Count To Four’s approach to their creation of the new album is unique, as most bands compose their music to follow lyrics which lessens the importance of a dynamic arrangement underneath. In an email interview, Jay Miller of Count To Four added that, “We spent 6 months just writing the music to the album before we approached it with vocals. Each song has been through numerous changes – when you hear what a song started out as, to what it is now, some of them aren’t even remotely the same.” Currently, after a year without a vocalist and a strenuous audition process to find a new one, Count To Four has announced that they have found a match. The album’s expected release date is still in the works, but this record features promising tracks of slamming guitar riffs and addictive rhythms. 

Check out tracks from their previously released album below. 

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