G-Eazy and Logic are Bringing Their Endless Summer Tour to Philly

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The Endless Summer Tour, being a collaboration of East Coast Maryland underground lyricist, Logic, and Bay Area rapper, G-Eazy, comes to Philly’s Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing on August 2, 2016. Along with the mixture of talent from Logic and G-Eazy, the show also features special guests YG and Yo Gotti.


After both artists going on their own individual tours this past year subsequent to each releasing chart topping albums (The Incredible True Story, When It’s Dark Out), the long awaited combination of the east and west coast rappers has finally arrived.

Fans of Logic and G-Eazy have been pleading for a collaboration all over the internet ever since the two artists started to gain exposure around the same time period. The different sounds and personalities of each rapper, along with its guests will bring an unforgettable concert experience to Philly. One that you won’t want to miss because it may be the last time you ever witness a hip-hop tour of this magnitude. The rumored order of performances goes from YG to Yo Gotti, then Logic, and lastly G-Eazy. 

The setlist that can be assumed in which each artist will perform will respectively be wild as always. Logic being accompanied by DJ Rhetorik who always gets interactive with the crowd within his performances and knows how to make sure everybody has a good time. The songs he’ll be performing will be a mixture of his recent album, The Incredible True Story, along with a few new songs from his most recent surprise record that just dropped, entitled Bobby Tarantino. All of these will likely be joined by a few throwbacks from Under Pressure, old mixtapes, and usually some wild beats and DJ work from Rhetorik. Oh, and don’t be surprised if the man raps the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air song with the crowd since he’s in Philly or even solves a Rubik’s cube on stage with it behind his back…while freestyling a few verses…Trust me, it’s happened before.

Lastly will be G-Eazy’s set, loaded with recent hits such as “Me, Myself, & I” and “Random”, which both accumulated millions of hits on YouTube and streaming services. Accompanied by these will be much of the album he released this past December, When It’s Dark Out. Along with his recent record’s songs, past singles and older songs like “Let’s Get Lost” from Young Gerald will surely be on display. Regardless of the songs G ends up actually performing, the vibe that he and the 22,000 strong crowds has while he performs is something that very few retain. The awesome thing about Logic and G-Eazy is that they both personally connect with their fans and make the concert an immersive experience. 

In all, this show will be one that will make you desire an endless summer. From Compton’s own YG, to Memphis native Yo Gotti, plus Princes of the east and west Logic and G-Eazy, you are guaranteed an unparalleled night. So grab a few friends, purchase tickets here, and dap us up at Festival Pier on August 2nd. 

Feature photo by Dusty Kessler. 


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