Modern Baseball Comes Home to the Fillmore This Sunday

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Your favorite local pop-punk band, Modern Baseball, is taking over the Fillmore this Sunday with supporting acts Joyce Manor and Thin Lips.  

Modern Baseball took the world by storm with their most recent album Holy Ghost. For the past few months they have been touring the country and have finally made their way back to Philly. Their upbeat instrumentation is perfect for push-pits and crowd surfing, meanwhile, their emotional lyrics invest you in the song.

The four pop-punk boys who make up Modern Baseball have a hilarious dynamic, which makes the show feel more personal.  From experience, I can tell you Modern Baseball is perfect live and no recording will ever do them justice. This show will definitely send good vibes everywhere.

Something different about this tour than any other tour I have seen before is Modern Baseball’s “Safe Space” policy. In order to make everyone feel comfortable, they created a hotline for you to report anyone who is acting inappropriately. For punk concerts where it is not uncommon for pushing (among other things) to occur, it is very considerate of the band to include this feature in the tour. If you find yourself uncomfortable at all on Sunday, call (201)-731-6626.


Opening for Modern Baseball is California pop-punk band Joyce Manor. After the release of Never Hungover Again, they grabbed the attention of many. Their eccentric sound sets them apart from your typical cliché pop-punk band, but in doing so became an ironic cliché in themselves. While many have referred to this album as “weird”, their individual talents are impressive, and together they created a garage rock band sounding album that is charming. The diverse album created a lot of buzz and gained them many die-hard fans who are bound to be in attendance.


Starting off the night is another Philly band, Thin Lips. Thin Lips just released their debut LP, Riff Hard, almost one month ago. Riff Hard is 100% pop-punk with some howling woven in between. The album’s most notable aspects focus on Thin Lips’s ability to switch the sound up so swiftly and smoothly. On top of that, the vocals from Chrissy Tashjian give the band their signature sound. Female pop-punk leads are few and far between, watching Tashjian be the only girl of the night to tear up the stage will be worth arriving early.  

Tickets are still available – grab them here, and check out the playlist before the show!

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