Firefly Music Festival from a Festival Goers’s Eyes

Concert Review

Festivals can be very overwhelming. No matter how much you love the artist you’re seeing in the moment, you could potentially be missing your new favorite band, rapper, DJ, or singer-songwriter.

I made the conscious decision to see St. Lucia on Saturday night, and honestly it was probably the best thing I did all weekend. Previously, I wrote an article about the band speaking about their lack of popularity and how their music deserves much more recognition. After seeing them perform live and seeing how many people were crying the crowd getting an opportunity to see their favorite band in person, it made me think differently. Now for the past three days, all I have been able to blast through my speakers is the sweet sounds of St. Lucia.

I’m now more in love with Jean Grobler than I ever was before. He came into the crowd and walked around letting the fans get a chance to embrace him as an actual person. They were a class act that I think everyone should see live, and that’s the pure magic of a festival. Before this weekend St. Lucia was just another band that made their way through my queue on Spotify, but now they may be my new favorite musicians.

Wet is also a band that I’ve wrote about before and I almost cried when I finally got to see Kelly and the band in person. They performed on a small stage and probably had a crowd of about 100 people. But those 100 people had their lives changed when her silky smooth voice graced their ears. She was the cutest standing up there with a huge smile on her face not expecting so many people to come to their set. They have a very simple stage set up but they perform so well together that visual stimulants are idle. They aren’t crazy when they put on a show. It’s a very mellow vibe which is probably why they mainly play bars and not huge festivals. But nonetheless, they were amazing live and I would see them again in a heartbeat.

As I’ve talked about 100 times before, The 1975 is unparalleled when it comes to live performances. Front man Matty Healy knows how to connect to the audience and put on a show for the audience. They opened their set with “Love Me”, which was not a surprise seeing as it was the smash hit of their new record, and closed with “Sex”, one of the first songs that put them on the map. Throughout the whole set Matty was either drinking wine or smoking and it was honestly such an intense experience that I tasted each sip and breathed every puff. Everyone around me was so invested into the band. The stage set up was mesmerizing, as usual, and these lights provided the ideal vibe to each song.

Overall, every band I saw at Firefly was amazing, but these three were my favorites. They impressed me with their artistry and passion for providing fans with an unforgettable show. If you ever get a chance to see any of these bands take it immediately.

Until next year at Firefly 2017. Only 358 days left!

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