Dillon Francis Unwraps Some “Candy” for Us on New Single


If you know anything about EDM producer Dillon Francis, you’re aware of his multiple personality disorder and lovable gang of inanimate objects. All of these outrageous acts are displayed on his snapchat (@DILLONFRANCIS) daily, so if you’ve been missing out on this…

You definitely need to throw him a follow.

Wondering what that colorful piñata was doing in the corner, and why Dillon was screaming at him with all his might? Well, that’s Gerald, and Gerald is part of Dillon’s family of lifeless friends.

Gerald is also the cover art and star of the music video for Dillon’s new single “Candy”, which was originally a collab with GTA, but due to lame record label rules had to leave their name off the release.

Nonetheless, this song is everything we could ever ask for from a track worked on by two powerhouse producer. The song shows influences of both’s signature sounds, and it’s guaranteed to make its way into tons of festival sets this summer.

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