City of the Sun Mesmerizes Washington Square Park

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If you play they will come. City of the Sun, an indie rock/gypsy jazz trio, proved this Monday night during their Washington Square Park performance.

Photo: Carl Scheffel — at The Beacon Theatre.

The sun had set on the city, but the air remained warm and buzzing with the energy of everyone gathered. Intimate groups huddled in each corner of the park perfecting dance routines, teaching yoga, reading tarot, strumming guitars and humming quietly. A pretty regular night in Washington Square Park.

But then all that came to a swift halt when this infectious band began to play.

All at once, hypnotic guitar rifts flooded the air and took over the landscape. Whatever you were focused on prior to the music no longer mattered. The harmonies achieved by City of the Sun’s instrumentals are felt. Melodies that are too beautiful to add lyrics to. They would only distract from the real magic unfolding for us listeners while they play.

 The music grabbed onto our hearts with merely strings and percussion.

When “Intro” by The xx resonated through the park, bodies began gravitating noticeably closer to the music. A song to better compliment their own work couldn’t have been chosen. This is a group that’s got their sound down to a science. 

Luckily, you can watch them performing it yourself in the video below.

And be sure to catch this act at firefly! Perfect music for sitting back and taking in the festival.

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