Foxtrot and The Get Down Show Hometown Love at The Foundry

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Over this past weekend, we had the pleasure to cover Foxtrot and The Get Down for their intimate show at the Foundry.
The crowd huddled in, grabbed some drinks at the bar, and socialized with their friends, patiently waiting for 9pm to hit. Members of Foxtrot and The Get Down, Former Belle, and The Lawsuits, walked around hugging family and friends getting ready for their highly anticipated hometown show.


Foxtrot and The Get Down started the night off strong with a couple of rock songs. Lead singer Colin Budny’s gravelly vocals is not your typical male voice, making their music stand out. His voice was graciously complemented by Erica Ruiz’s soulful vocals. Meanwhile, drummer Tom Wier from Modern Colour slayed on the drums for a surprise appearance. Foxtrot and The Get Down are releasing their sophomore album, Black Coffee, on June 3rd. In honor of the album dropping soon, the audience at the Foundry Friday night was the first to hear some of the new songs. The new tracks were a delightful combination of rock, blues, and Americana genius.  


Former Belle hopped on stage shortly after Foxtrot and The Get Down finished their set. Friends of the band filled the room, bringing everyone closer to the stage. Former Belle slowed down the night with soothing guitar riffs and singer Bruno Catrambone’s soft angelic voice. While performing, you could tell all of the guys in the band were truly passionate about the music they were playing. After being on tour with The Lawsuits, the band was happy to see familiar faces in the crowd. Frontman Bruno Catrambone even tributed a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” to one of his friends for her birthday. If you’re wondering why that name sounds familiar, Catrambone is a member of Philly band CRUISR.  If you haven’t heard any of CRUISR’s music yet, shame on you! The amazing indie-pop band released a fantastic album last year and even had the opportunity to perform at Wells Fargo with Imagine Dragons this past summer. Along with Former Belle, add CRUISR to your list of bands to see live.  


The Lawsuits closed out the night at The Foundry. This was my second time seeing The Lawsuits and boy did they step up their game. It’s been over a year, maybe even 2 years since I first saw The Lawsuits open for The Districts, and the one thing that stuck with me was Vanessa Winters harmonies. Her live vocals are jaw droppingly beautiful, and are unparalleled to their recorded version. Their sound ranges from groovy, to rock, to folk, but the one constant in The Lawsuits music is their indescribably amazing harmonies. Guitarist and vocalist Brian Dale Allen Strouse kept the energy alive on stage. His very animated performance added to the band’s stage presence. Not to mention, his ability to hit every note, have perfect dynamic, accent every line effortlessly, and still be in perfect harmony with Winters was beyond impressive to listen to live. The Lawsuits also have a new album coming out on May 13th. If you’re a fan of harmonies make sure to pick up a copy! In all, every band brought their own unique style to the stage giving the audience a diverse set of music for the night.  


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