Firefly Music Festival Single Day Passes, Which Day Do You Choose?

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So you can’t afford to go all weekend to Firefly. But lucky for you, single day passes were just released. The question now is, which day do you go? We’re going to weigh the pros and cons of each day to help you make an informed decision.



Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 1.24.36 AMAlthough this is the shortest day, and often the most forgotten day, Thursday’s lineup needs to be respected. This is where rising music always shines. Acts like Twin Limb, Cleopold, Whilk and Misky, and Arkells are bands you don’t really know now, but you will a year from now. This is a day you’ll be glad you went to when a year from now, you can say you saw them way back when.

The acts you might know now are Robert Delong and Oh Wonder. In early September Robert Delong released his new album In The Cards. If you didn’t catch him tour with the new album this past year, it might be worth it to catch him at Firefly. Oh Wonder just hit the scene this year with their first full length studio album in September, so you need to see this duo before they become huge. Ending Thursday night is one of our older favorites Two Door Cinema Club. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from them, with their last album being released in 2012. So get nostalgic and catch them and relive the songs you love like “What You Know” and “Something Good Can Work.”



Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 1.25.41 AMFriday is where the festival really starts to pick up. Early in the day we have Civil Twilight, GallantThe White Panda, The Wombats, Saint Motel, Guster, Flogging Molly, and Fitz and the Tantrums. The newbies like Gallant and Saint Motel are going to be making their mark on Firefly this year along with the old favorites who’ve been around the scene for a while like Civil Twilight, Guster, Flogging Molly and Fitz. Saint Motel is a big new name with songs like “My Type.” This band will definitely draw a crowd with their first appearance at Firefly.  And that is just the beginning of the day. Some of the bigger acts of the day are Ludacris, Of Monsters and Men, Tame Impala, Disclosure, Ellie Goulding. Tame’s new album Currents is a must see, while Ellie Goulding is known to put on a dope show considering her previous Firefly performances. Now if you were at Firefly last year and were disappointed that Kings of Leon had to cancel last minute, this might be a good night for you to finally see them in the flesh. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that the weather holds up. 



Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 1.26.41 AM

With the Saturday line up it’s hard to have bands that you don’t now. Even the smaller bands of the day have caught serious industry wind such as Coleman Hell, Finish Ticket, Strangers You Know, Moon Taxi and more. Coleman Hell has been riding the airwaves for the past couple months with his hit “2 Heads”, and we at the Musies can say from covering his show, he gives a helluva energetic performance. Moon Taxi and Strangers You Know have also released new music this year which needs to be heard at this festival. But the big appearances of the day start with Catfish And The Bottlemen ,Fetty Wap, The NeighborhoodCHURCHESA$AP Rocky, M83, Death Cab For Cutie. And the unique thing about Saturday is that there are 2 headliners.

We have Florence and the Machine AND Deadmau5. If you’re someone who is less into the indie rock side of the festival and more into the electronic music, than Saturday is the day for you.  


Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 1.27.29 AM

Last but certainly not least, Sunday has a dope lineup to end a great weekend. The Struts and Hippie Sabotage are definitely acts early in the day that need to be hit up; The Struts with their hit “Could Have Been Me” and Hippie Sabotage with their new album Providence. These are two acts you definitely cannot miss.

Later on in the day, everyone’s radio favorites Nathaniel Ratecliff and The Night Sweats as well as Elle King will be playing Sunday. Grouplove is coming back for their third Firefly appearance and we cannot be more stoked! Especially since their lack of touring lately due to lead singer Hannah Hooper having her baby. Along with Grouplove, The 1975 are going to put on a great show while on tour with their new album I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful. But we cannot forget the classic favorites Blink 182 and Earth Wind And Fire making their Firefly debuts. Blink 182 is a must see after the recent revival, but nothing is going to beat Mumford & Sons as the headliner. Even though they don’t have their banjos anymore for the new material, we know they are going to put on a stellar performance.


Making the decision between these days is going to be hard. But in our professional opinion, we think you can’t go wrong hitting up Friday and Saturday with the lineup they have going for them right now. Once you decide you can buy your tickets here. Good luck and happy Fireflying! 

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