Fight Night Return with First Single Since Debut EP The electronic two piece group may have just struck gold.

EDM, Punk, Rock

A common theme amongst up and coming electronic dance music producers is a lack of production cleanliness and an absence of distinctive sound. Luckily for Washington D.C. duo Fight Night, they have already broken down the walls of genre confinement with a brilliant debut EP in Underground, and captivated hundreds of thousands of people with songs unlike anything we’ve ever heard before.

Since the release of Underground in February, fans of this punk-bass phenomena have been begging for more. Today, their pleads have been answered in the form of a new single entitled “I Thought You Were My Friend”. Although the debut EP truly defined Fight Night’s path and sound, we think that they have finally got it all together with this track.

Every aspect of this song hits hard. The simple, yet dark and twisted lyrics. The clean build up and gritty drop. But most notably in “I Thought You Were My Friend” is the superb production connectivity. This could undoubtedly be their breakout hit.

Listen below, download, and if you like it make sure you share it with your friends.

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