Charlie Darker’s New Project Blair Premieres with a Summer Hit

Indie, Pop

LA-based DJ and producer Charlie Darker slipped a gem in our Soundcloud feed with the debut song of his new project, Blair. His newest work, “Five Past Ten”, combines a dancy guitar riff, catchy and original vocals that beg for a sing-along, and a melody that’ll have you dancing everywhere from the car to the shower.


Evan Blair takes a step away from his heavy-hitting bass production to embrace “his true self – not only as a musician, but as a person.” The result is an upbeat vibe backed with a three-piece band that lends itself to summer drives and parties. So far, we love the direction he’s taking with this new project and eagerly await the next release.


The track released on Soundcloud with support from Two Friends, Prince Fox, and Wavo, among others. After over 260,000 plays in ten days and a number one spot on Hype Machine, Blair’s electro-indiepop track is sure to stick with me (and stick with you). Expect to hear this hit dominating summer playlists!

Stream and get a free download to the track below.

Keep up with Blair on his Facebook page here.


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